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Why You Should Consider Electrostatic Disinfection Before Your Next Event

Nov 12, 2020

As we approach the 9 month mark since the Covid-19 pandemic began here in the US, we have all come to realize that life still goes on – just a bit differently. Well, a lot differently. Everyone has adapted in their own way, and no two families are alike. However, people are still getting married, having babies, losing loved ones, graduating, and celebrating milestones. How can we make these events as safe as possible? Consider electrostatic disinfection before an event as a part of your safety measures.

Planning Your Event

There are many more things to take into account when planning an event now, than before Covid-19 came on to the scene. We always recommend following all local and CDC guidelines for maximum attendance, mask requirements, and distancing recommendations. Prepare your guests in advance by letting them know how you are handling safety measures. Some people also might request that everyone attending get a Covid-19 test beforehand. Whether you choose an outdoor venue instead of inside, or keep your guest list smaller than you would have liked, we know these unprecedented times require sacrifice. But, you still want to celebrate those important moments in your life and regain a sense of normalcy. Here are some suggestions for maximizing safety at your event:

  • Limit guest lists per local recommendations and let guests know how many people will be attending
  • Ensure seated areas are 6 ft apart
  • Choose well ventilated spaces, outside if possible
  • Provide masks and hand sanitizer

Schedule Electrostatic Disinfection Before An Event

Why electrostatic disinfection? Simply put, it’s the best comprehensive coverage of disinfecting solution you can get. Our spray service blankets every surface and kills most viruses and bacteria – including the virus that causes Covid-19. The fine mist spray clings to chairs, tables, door knobs, and more – disinfecting and drying fast. Plus, we operate quickly, and are therefore much more efficient than traditional wiping methods. No matter what type of facility you have chosen as your venue, have a qualified disinfection team like us pay a visit first. Virus Assassins uses electrostatic disinfection in all types of environments, and we will be in and out before your event gets started.

We want you to have peace of mind at your next event. With good safety measures, you can focus on the day itself and spending time with the people you love most. Contact us today to learn more about protecting your gathering with electrostatic disinfection. Our service is surprisingly affordable and definitely worth the price. Together, we can help you provide the safest environment possible for your special day.

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