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Get Essential Disinfecting Services for Your Restaurant

When you own or operate a restaurant, you must keep your facilities clean and sanitary for both your employees and your customers’ safety. However, simply wiping down countertops and tables isn’t enough. To make sure all exposed surfaces and the air in your restaurant is safe and free from harmful viruses and bacteria, it’s best to rely on professional disinfecting services Houston. Here at Virus Assassins, we take sanitization very seriously. We can provide you with reliable disinfecting services to confidently get back to work as soon as possible.

What You Should Know About Electrostatic Disinfecting

We use the most cutting-edge cleaning techniques to disinfect your restaurant. Rather than surface-level cleaning with standard commercial cleaners, we use state-of-the-art electrostatic disinfectant misters, as they provide the most thorough coverage possible. We use high-tech misting devices to spray mist that is electrostatically charged into the air. We also spray it directly on different surfaces in your restaurant. Our electrostatic disinfectant misting services are EPA-approved for use against Coronavirus and are up to eight times more effective than other commonly used cleaning methods.

Electrostatic disinfecting also provides consistent coverage and can reach into areas that are difficult to get to with normal cleaning tools. Electrostatic mist sticks to all surfaces it comes in contact with, which means it can reach a deep cleanliness level.

When we’re finished providing your restaurant with our leading disinfecting services Houston, you can rest assured that every area is clean and virus-free. Our disinfecting services are so reliable that they are commonly used to clean medical facilities, which must remain sterile for safety purposes.

Why You Need to Keep Your Restaurant Clean

When you operate a restaurant, you are responsible for keeping your cooking, food preparation, and eating surfaces clean and free from harmful bacteria and viruses. If people get sick at your facility and authorities find you at fault for not keeping your restaurant sanitary, you could face charges. This is the last thing any restaurant owner wants to experience.

Fortunately, if you are vigilant and do what you can to keep your restaurant safe and clean for your customers, you’re less likely to deal with lawsuits or charges for food safety violations. When you trust Virus Assassins to clean your restaurant, you can have confidence that we’ll get the job done well. We are thorough in our approach and follow exceptionally high-quality standards. After all, protecting your business is our business.

Why You Should Trust Us

Virus Assassins has over 25 years of experience tackling sanitation and making all types of buildings safer for those inside. Below are some of the reasons you should trust us with your restaurant’s disinfection needs.

  • We have in-depth experience and know what works best
  • We never take shortcuts that will leave your business vulnerable
  • We commit to using the best disinfecting methods and technology available
  • We help educate you and your employees about how to keep your building as clean as possible

We also truly care about your business and want to help you succeed. You and your customers deserve to know your restaurant is a safe place to eat and spend time. When you rely on us for your disinfecting services Houston, you won’t need to fear any dangerous viruses in your facility.

How Our Process Differs From Regular Cleaning Processes

Most people and cleaning companies use traditional dry dusting methods and wet wipe-down techniques to remove harmful substances from surfaces. However, these methods are not as effective as an electrostatic spray. Here are a few of the advantages our cleaning methods have over others:

  • Improves infection control of MRSA, HIV, Influenza, and other viruses
  • Applies chemicals in a controlled way, which reduces the chances of overuse
  • Minimizes the time required to disinfect all exposed surfaces as well as hard-to-reach areas in your restaurant
  • Prevents unnecessary costs associated with virus control in your building

As a restaurant owner, you know that certain rooms in your building require frequent disinfecting services. You can contact us to schedule regular hydrostatic spray services so you can keep your facility as clean as possible year-round.

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No restaurant owner wants to be responsible for getting anyone sick. To give yourself peace of mind that you’re providing your customers and employees the safest possible environment, consider regular electrostatic disinfecting services. To know how much our services will cost you, take advantage of our online calculator. It will provide you with an estimate of what you’ll pay to sanitize your restaurant.

Next, you can contact us by telephone or through our online form to schedule your initial cleaning. We’ll send a team of qualified professionals out to your location as quickly as possible to ensure your restaurant is sanitary.

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