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Medical Facility Disinfecting Services

Businesses of all types and sizes face unique challenges when it comes to creating a safe working environment. The need to disinfect your business surfaces is very real and very important. This is especially true as businesses open back up and return to a “new normal.” Though all industries are required to maintain safe working environments, medical facilities are put under particular stress. Rigorous sterilization requirements can make any medical facility manager feel overwhelmed.

At Virus Assassins, we understand how difficult it can be to figure out how to maintain a working environment that’s clean and safe for all. That’s why we love stepping in to help. Our disinfecting services Houston are specifically designed to protect your business and give you the confidence you need to resume operations as normal.

How Our Disinfecting Services Work

We use state-of-the-art technology to perform fast and reliable disinfecting services for all types of surfaces. Rather than wipe down every surface with a commercial disinfectant, we use an electrostatic misting device to spray electrostatically charged mist into the air and on various surfaces. The particles within the spray are positively charged, which means they naturally coat and stick to any surface they come in contact with it. This allows us to achieve a high level of effectiveness with every spray disinfecting session we conduct.

Traditional wet and dry dusting methods are not very effective when it comes to disinfecting surfaces. They often spread germs and filth around instead of eliminating them. Fortunately, electrostatic disinfection is a service you can rely on to clean and disinfect without just displacing and relocating impurities.

The electrostatic spray is not only highly effective, but it can reach into nooks and crannies where your hands may not fit. Electrostatic spray utilizes a special solution that’s atomized and combined with air. An electrode located inside the sprayer atomizes the air that leaves the sprayer. The result is a positively-charged spray that can clean and disinfect every surface it contacts. If your building contains rooms that require regular disinfecting services Houston, the electrostatic spray is a great option.

Benefits of Our Process

There are many benefits to our electrostatic misting process. A few of the most notable include:

  • Improves infection control of common viruses, including HIV, influenza, MRSA, and others.
  • Prevents unnecessary costs associated with contagious infections in your medical facility.
  • Reduces the time required to disinfect difficult-to-reach places and all exposed services compared to traditional disinfecting and cleaning methods. Disinfecting with our electrostatic mist option is up to 50% faster than conventional methods.
  • Applies chemicals in a controlled way, which minimizes the potential dangers associated with overuse.

Keep in mind that our disinfecting services Houston may not be the right choice for every type of business. However, if you work in the medical or health care industries and require frequent sterilization of your building or portions of your building, this is a service you should at least consider. It’s highly effective, safe, and can get the job done quickly so you, your employees, and your patients have greater peace of mind.

Additional benefits of our process include consistent coverage, EPA-approval, and unsurpassed effectiveness. You don’t have to worry about us accidentally missing any exposed surfaces in your building. Our mist covers all open surfaces and areas. It can even travel to corners and nooks that you wouldn’t be able to reach using traditional cleaning and disinfecting methods.

Our method is also EPA-approved against Coronavirus. During the current turbulent times, this feature is of utmost importance to most healthcare facilities. You want to make sure COVID can’t survive on the various surfaces in your building, where you or others could come in contact with it and spread it to others.

Finally, using electrostatic misters to disinfect your building is up to 8 times more effective than using other common disinfecting techniques. If you’re serious about creating a safe work environment, there is no better way to do it than by utilizing our electrostatic misting technology. You’ll also have the extra security of knowing that we’ve been specializing in disinfecting office environments for more than 25 years.

We know how to do so safely and effectively. We also offer a free estimate so you can determine if our services meet both your needs and your budget. We’ll provide you with an estimated price that’s based on one cleaning each week. If you require more or less than that, let us know, and we’ll adjust your estimate accordingly. If you’re ready to have total confidence in the cleanliness and level of sterilization in your medical facility, we’re prepared to help you meet your goal.

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