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How Healthcare Is Working To Keep Patients Safe

Jul 10, 2020

Healthcare offices are beginning to re-open for elective procedures, and you may be wondering how you can maintain the safest environment for your patients and clients. As you consider the guidelines for precautions, there are many areas to focus on. It can feel overwhelming. Virus Assassins is here to help! Our disinfecting spray for healthcare settings can take one task off your plate, and ease your mind about re-opening.


The first step in re-opening your healthcare facility is education for your staff in the new policies and procedures. They will then be tasked with educating patients about the steps you are taking to keep people safe, as well as what is expected of them while in the office. Provide detailed education around wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). It’s a good idea to cross train employees that are able to serve in many roles in case of absences. Your staff will also need training on proper handling of specimens with COVID-19 considerations, how to administer testing, and reporting of findings. 

Office Preparedness

Due to social distancing requirements, you may need to alter the layout of your office to limit close contact wherever possible. Think about places where people tend to gather – waiting rooms, check out/reception desks, etc. It may be possible to have people wait in their car until called. If you need additional furniture or barriers for these spaces, Collaborative Office can help. They are experts in office flow and can help you implement the safest layout possible.

Office Equipment

You’ll need to be prepared to stock extra equipment like hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and gown for both patients and staff. Keep in mind that sharing equipment like stethoscopes and thermometers is discouraged at this time. You may need to purchase more of these tools so each member of your staff has their own. Depending on the type of healthcare office you have, you may be able to set up a telehealth virtual appointment system, so patients can visit with you without coming to the office.

Adding “no touch” amenities like soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and trash cans can reduce the amount of risk for transmission in areas like bathrooms. Finally, remove communal items like magazines and toys from waiting areas.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray For Healthcare

When it comes to the most efficient and effective way to keep those surfaces, germ free- spray is king. Hand wiping everything leaves the opportunity for missed spots. Plus it takes a lot more time and manpower. Our electrostatic misters provide even, consistent coverage that is 8x more effective than other wiping methods. And most importantly, it’s EPA approved to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

If you’re looking for more information on how disinfecting spray for healthcare offices can work for your business, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide a detailed breakdown of our services and give you a quote. Right now, you can get our services for as low as $0.16/sq ft with a yearly contact (some restrictions apply).

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