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Electrostatic Disinfecting Service For Restaurants

Aug 27, 2020

Many states have re-opened restaurants on a limited capacity basis, and people are enjoying the sense of normalcy this brings. The warmer weather makes it easy to sit outside, which feels relatively safe. As cooler weather approaches, this option will be less appealing. Soon, eating out will mean definitely eating indoors. How can we make restaurants as safe as possible? Electrostatic disinfecting service for restaurants provides peace of mind for both the owners/staff and patrons.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

We discuss all the nitty gritty details in this article, but simply put – it’s like spray paint, but disperses disinfecting solution instead of paint. Plus, the technology charges the tiny particles of disinfectant so that they adhere better to surfaces. The mist from the sprayer has huge advantages over wiping. It applies evenly, reaching hard-to-clean surfaces and in less than half the time. The superior dispersal properties of the spray allows you to cover more surfaces and actually use less chemicals in the process. Therefore, it’s much more efficient and cost effective than wiping.

What Are The Benefits For Restaurants

Like hospitals, schools, and offices, restaurants see a lot of people in and out. They are already subject to strict cleaning measures in order to provide safe food. The CDC has put out guidelines for the re-opening of restaurants, including disinfecting practices like daily cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. Restaurants are large, and in a kitchen – nearly everything is being touched! Traditional methods like mopping and wiping can be unreliable and leave room for error. A smart solution for a consistent clean would be an electrostatic disinfecting service that comes regularly. This method has been proven time and time again to be more effective while using less chemicals per square foot than other types of disinfection. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that all of those hard to reach spaces have been thoroughly disinfected.

What About Food Safety?

Traditional Hypochlorite bleach based disinfectants would not be suitable around food preparation equipment. While effective against viruses and bacteria, they are not safe for ingestion. For restaurants, we use a special food-safe disinfectant. These types of solutions are already in use in the restaurant environment, and we use a version for spraying to ensure every surface gets properly disinfected. The secret is in hypochlorus acid (HOCl), an organic acid formed from mixing troclosene sodium (NaDCC) with water. This solution is a powerful antimicrobial, and kills the virus that causes Covid-19. Studies show it is up to four times more effective than Hypochlorite bleach, yet it is safe to use around staff and patrons as well as on surfaces and equipment. Plus, it’s also environmentally friendly.

The benefits of electrostatic disinfecting service for restaurants are numerous. With our service, you can be assured that your restaurant is getting as clean and sanitary as possible. It’s fast and convenient, making it more affordable than a traditional cleaning service. If you have any questions about how Virus Assassins can help you keep your restaurant safe, please contact us any time. We are happy to provide a quote and discuss the benefits of electrostatic disinfecting for your business.

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